The Mum Uniform

It’s true what they say becoming a mum changes your entire life but before I had my son I hadn’t even considered about how it would change my wardrobe, how I dress, my clothes and as a result me.

When you are pregnant its all about lovely stretchy maternity clothes and as soon as you have had the baby you make it your goal to not have to wear them any more and to fit back into your old clothes. Those Pre pregnancy jeans, the dress that you bought before you knew you were pregnant and never had a chance to wear.. all are great motivators for getting back in shape. But does the new mum you still suit your old clothes? And do your old clothes fit your new life as a mum? How do your pre prego clothes make you feel? Loosing that baby weight aside in most cases our shape has changed so much from being pregnant that we actually find we need a new wardrobe to fit this new mum you have become.

I wasn’t prepared for how different I felt and how my day to day had changed so much that there wasn’t the need for most of my old clothes. My wardrobe requirements had drastically changed.

What became apparent to me was that as a result without even knowing it I had slipped into a “mum uniform” of what ever was quickest and easiest to put on .. not to mention actually washed and usually what was in front of me as I opened the wardrobe. As a new mum you have zero time to your self and where before I would of spent time planning outfits and getting ready, I now barely had time to shower!

So you find yourself like I did in a bit of a style rut and actually its not good for your mental health. I know some people would say its just clothes but I really think that how you feel about yourself is directly reflected in what you wear and what you wear can have a direct affect on your mood.

I will be talking a lot on my blog on how to make the most of your wardrobe so that your #mumuniform can be a true reflection of yourself and also make you feel good.

What’s your uniform?

My mum uniform looked like this on a daily basis in the spring/summer last year.

• denim jeans

• t shirt

• a layer either a shirt, shacket, leather jacket or blazer

And so far this winter this has been my day to day style.

•skinny jeans or leather look leggings


•trainers / boots

I was always a causal jeans and a top girl so this is not far away from my pre baby style .. but since having a baby I have only been using a fraction of my wardrobe. And wearing the same items day in day out. So one of the reasons I have started my instagram page was to have fun with clothes again but also to share my love of fashion and show how you can use clothes to improve your wellbeing.

“Fashion is the amour to survive the reality of everyday life”

Bill Cunningham

The word Uniform is used to describe an item of clothing that stays the same a type of consitency, essentially it means wearing the same thing day in day out. The hashtag #Mumuniform has just over 40k post on Instagram and is full of women showcasing what they wear on a day to day basis being busy mums.

Wearing the same clothes day in day out is what we all do though right? Whether its for work or being a stay at home mum it’s very easy and totally normal I think to get into a bit of a rut and wear the same clothes all the time.

My question to you and the point of this blog really is for you to think about your uniform and is it a true reflection of you? do you feel good in it? does it compliment your style, personality and figure as well as being practical for what ever challenges your day holds for you?

If the answer is NO then stick with me as the next blog will be about the next step and where to start in sorting out your wardrobe!!

Hope you enjoyed the blog! Be great to hear any comments you have.

Caroline x

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