The Wardrobe Detox

For me it’s always the change of seasons, both Spring and Autumn that prompts a big sort out of my wardrobe, it’s when my daily outfit requirements start to change and I want to make sure the clothes I need on a day to day basis are right there in front of me. Not only does this make getting ready faster but also it means you can put together outfits easier, as you can clearly see what you have that goes together.

I don’t know about you but I find it so depressing getting up in the morning and looking at a wardrobe full of clothes but feeling like I have nothing to wear. It’s said that the average woman only wears 20% of her wardrobe, does this ring true for you? This can be the case for many reasons; have you changed shape recently (maybe had a baby) and no longer fit into a large portion of your wardrobe? Has your style changed? Has your lifestyle changed? Has your job changed? Or are you a simply just bored of wearing the same clothes?

As our life styles change or we change, we do not necessarily adapt our clothes and our wardrobe, we muddle through and maybe add a few bits here and there to compensate for the new requirement, but we very rarely overhaul our entire wardrobe and evaluate our clothes. With this in mind, I try to do at least two overhauls a year, with mini detoxes throughout to make sure the clothes in my wardrobe are still working for me.

At the end of the day our clothes should work for us. We buy them to fulfil a function, whether it’s to make us look and feel good for carrying out our daily life, they need to do their job well. If they are not then they need to go! I am not going to lie, that this is the hard bit but you need to be ruthless!

“Buy less choose well”

Vivienne Westwood

With such a growing movement towards sustainable fashion and being more environmentally aware when it comes to your fashion purchases. Having a wardrobe that works for you, that you keep in check will help you shop smarter. You can reduce stress levels and improve mental health just by having an organised wardrobe that simply contains clothes you are actually going to, and want to wear!

Here’s my guide to doing a wardrobe detox

1. Take everything out! Don’t be overwhelmed, do it in sections if it feels like too big a task.

2. Sort it into piles.

KEEP = I wear this item and it fits me, I feel good in it.

RECYCLE= It doesn’t fit/ I no longer like it or feel good in it/ looks too worn/ out of style/ I have another similar item that I wear instead.

REVIEW =not sure / haven’t worn in a year / never worn

3. Put all your KEEP items back in your wardrobe, like OCD style, in which ever order it works for you. For example; in colour, category ( all tops together ) or perhaps function ( work clothes together then casual clothes etc ).

4. Now for the tricky bit, go through your REVIEW pile and decide if you should keep or not. To help ask yourself these questions.

If I haven’t worn in the last 12 months, why not? Often we make impulse purchases and then they just sit in our wardrobe.

Does it fit me now? My biggest advice is to stop saving clothes for the days when you will be a different shape or weight. Not only is it just depressing to be looking at clothes that don’t fit you everyday, it’s just a waste of wardrobe space.

Have I not worn it because I don’t have anything to wear with it ? Start a list of missing things from your wardrobe.

It is an occasion outfit that maybe has only been worn once or twice? I would say if it fits and you love it keep it. Especially if this a classic style then 100% KEEP. We all need those items in our wardrobe that can come out for an occasion/ even, but be honest, if you had event come up next week, would you wear it? Or would you go shopping for something new? If the answer is the latter, then it goes on the RECYCLE pile.

Don’t be too tough on yourself if you can’t part with certain items!

I am not suggesting you need to recycle everything you do not currently wear, simply on that basis, but it is a good idea to really ask yourself why you are holding onto them. What are you really waiting for, in order for to wear them?

I think we all have memories attached to certain clothes, we may not wear them very often, but they have sentimental value, and that’s ok. If it makes you happy to keep them, then that’s all that matters, it’s your wardrobe!

Other Tips!

Hangers – Throw away your metal and plastic ones and invest in slim line velvet ones. Not only are they space saving, but they won’t damage your clothes.

Recycle – Charity shops, clothes recycling bins and now many high street stores offer clothes recycling and give you vouchers back to use in store, what could be better!

Inspiration– STYLE SISTERS on Instagram, they do amazing celebrity wardrobe make overs with lots of organising tips.

Good luck ! I’m going to do my own wardrobe next week and will add it to my Instagram stories if you fancy seeing how I get on.

Thanks for reading

Caroline x


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