The look of lockdown is tie-dye

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Love or hate it TIE-DYE is officially back in a big way and one of the biggest trends of the summer.

What do you think of when you see tie-dye? What image comes into your head? How does it make you feel?

For me I’m instantly transported to a beautiful beach club in Ibiza or at a Festival, dancing in the sunshine, carefree and having fun! Sounds like a absolute dream right now and a long way from our current reality. And that’s why I think this trend has captured the imagination of so many and come to represent the fashion of lockdown.

2019 Spring summer on the catwalks – images from Pinterest

Like most trends they are just on rotation, they come in and out of fashion now and again, depending on the season, themes and the designers. The 70’s and also 90’s fashion have been huge recurring Spring Summer trends on the catwalks and tie-dye crosses both these era’s. In a time when we have literally had our freedom taken away from us, it is not so surprising that a trend that epitomises freedom is topping the fashion charts this summer.

The 70’s have inspired festival fashion with the peace loving hippy carefree vibes.

Images from Pinterest

In the 70’s it was tie-dye head to toe in floaty dresses or hippie baggy trousers . A look that’s emulate today in the beach scene and hippy markets of Ibiza, Thailand and other islands, where the spiritual hippie vibe is so predominant in the culture there.

Image from Pinterest –

In the 90’s tie-dye was louder and a part of the fashion of rave, grunge and pop culture. The tie-dye T shirt being the main carrier of this trend.

Lockdown 2020

Not only is it a fashion statement it’s also a fun activity to do at home, which is the other reason that this textile craft has seen a huge surge in popularity during this pandemic. It is a great activity to do at home with the kids of all ages and let’s face it we are all trying EVERY activity in the under the sun in order to keep the kids busy and entertained.

It’s also known fact that colour can play an important part in lifting your mood. Lockdown has affected us all in different ways and I think most people will agree its a complete rollercoaster of emotions. Wearing colourful clothes is a great way to lift your mood and bright colours are representative of positive emotions . Anything we can do to lift the spirits on a bad day is a good thing.

For 2020 loungewear has of course been the clothing of choice, for majority of lockdown, and this category has seen a huge spike in sales with us all looking for comfort in our clothing above all things. Que the tie dye lounge suit or sweats. The perfect combination of fashion and comfort. Social media has been full of people and sporting the trend and tie dying their clothes at home to keep busy!

Laura Whitmore tie dying at home and sharing on Instagram

To give you some tie dye outfit inspiration here are some of my favourite insta ladies rocking the trend with style.

Top: @style_mum, @gaylerinkoff
Bottom: @themumlife_styled, @wearsmymoney
Top – @rosiefortescue
Bottom – @mumaporter , @swoon_love

So if you haven’t already bought a tie dye lounge wear item or given it a go at home yet .. don’t worry, we are still in lockdown so what you do have is time! I hope I’ve given you some inspiration.

Got some old white t-shirts or white clothing what better way to up cycle and brighten yo your wardrobe! Check out this bloggers guide on how to get started and what you need.

I have also saved a board on tie dye on my Pinterest page and I’ll be posting some brands doing lots of tie dye pieces on my Instagram stories.

Peace and stay safe x

Caroline x


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  1. I could be wrong but now the new trend I guess is pastel tye dye?? I can’t keep up with the forever changing trends haha!

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