Is a Designer Bag The Perfect Purchase?

I’ve been having an internal quandary about this topic for years!! And it’s been the subject of many a conversation with my favourite shopping companion, where we would wander care free around the beautiful bag section of Selfridges, gazing at all the designer beauties, the hours I must have spent in the Mulberry section alone doesn’t bare thinking about.

Knowing what I know now, I do wish that I had of bitten the bullet and bought that designer handbag I lusted after in my early 30’s, back before I had children and responsibilities and when let’s face it, I actually went out to use it! I could just never bring myself to part with a months rent for a fashion item.. but what I didn’t realize back then, was in fact that it would of been a very good investment indeed , and it still is today.

“Bags by iconic French luxury brand Hermès are a better investment than gold

Taken from the Article “to have an to hold again” in YOU magazine 9th August 2020

Designer resale and pre loved web sites such as Vestiaire Collective are showing massive sale increases. This is due to the move towards sustainability and recycling fashion items and also as a effect of people not being able to shop in stores over lockdown, as they are looking for online alternatives. These web sites are showing that pre loved designer bags for example the Gucci Soho, are recouping up to 80% of their retail price. With the bestselling Chanel 2.55 has actually seen a 140% increased in value over the past few years. Showing that if you buy a classic style from a iconic fashion brand and look after it, over the years it will not only serve you well but be something you can pass down and hold its value.

Top of the wish list – Chanel 2.55

However due to recent events the handbag has been right up there with high heels in the least needed items of the year. Lockdown has meant most of us have been living in loungewear and not really needing a handbag in our day to day life, unless it was to go to the supermarket that is. But they are also the item in your wardrobe that now when you do go out, they don’t care if you have put on a bit of extra weight over lockdown (unlike your jeans and your top that clearly must have shrunk!) They are just sitting pretty, happy to be taken out for a spin in the real world.

A nice handbag can completely raise your outfit game and lets face it your mood. We feel good about ourselves when we are wearing nice things… so really buying a beautiful designer handbag is just a form of selfcare.

I think for most people buying a designer bag is very considered purchase and it does feel like an excessive one. I don’t NEED it in the true sense of the word and it certainly doesn’t come under the bracket of a essential shopping, a trip to Gucci. But there is no question of its desirability and status. What ever the reason wanting a beautifully made Designer handbag is at the top of the wish list for most of us!

In writing this blog I thought I’d ask some of my favourite fellow bloggers and handbag lovers for their take on the topic. To gain an insight into their designer bag purchases I asked them all these two questions;

1. Which is your favourite designer bag that you own ? And why?

2. Which bag would be your next purchase?.


Lovely stylish Anneli always looks super chic and effortless. Mixing high street with designer for a accessible look . I love her style.
Picture taken from instagram
Bag -Gucci soho disco

1.My favourite designer bag is my Gucci Soho Disco simply because I wear it near enough every day, so practical and classic, and goes with everything

2. I would buy a Chanel 19 Maxi Flap bag


Abi is a designer handbag lover and she shares her love of handbags on the Instagram grid along with her passions for fashion, food and wine!

Pictured taken from Instagram – Abi seen here with her favourite Gucci bag marmont bag

1) my Gucci marmont

2) I’d buy the Chanel 2.55 jumbo flap which is what I still lust after! A classic

I buy designer every year and it’s a huge investment but I buy classic pieces that generally last! My door saddle is 20 plus years old and still around! I have the LV neverful which is again always around and I own a few mulberry lily bags which don’t date! I’m never lured by a copycat because it won’t hold its value or have the quality to last the test of time! Saying that I carry cheaper bags like stripy giraffe which are good quality but without a label and I adore them! I defo don’t view them as something that will still be with me in 20 years but they’re good quality to be durable enough to last the test of time x


Kate’s fashion blogs are always on point and brilliantly written, like you are having a fashion chat with your friend. Always a great read.

Image taken from Instagram – Kate wearing her favourite Chanel wallet on a chain bag

1. My favourite designer bag is my small Chanel ‘Wallet on A Chain’ is technically not actually a bag but it’s the only Chanel I could afford. It holds credit card, keys, phone and lipstick and that’s all you really need most of the time! I’ve not been saving it for best, I use it all the time. Even more so now as I don’t have to cart a load of stuff around as I’m basically at home!

2. If I had unlimited funds I would buy a Chanel 2.55 bag, I’d buy a lee loved version as I actually think they look better with age. It would be the big sister to my original baby Chanel! X


Beauty and style experts, one of my favourite accounts for everything in life basically!

Image taken from Instagram

1.We both have a small classic black bag, Sams is Gucci and Gemma’s is Chanel. They are both timeless, go with everything and will last forever.

2. Sam would love the YSL Kate bag in Camel as it’s the perfect shade for summer, and Gemma would love the nude Gabriela Hearst Nina bag as the origami silhouette is beautiful.


Yes that’s me!

Which designer bag would I buy? I’ve been thinking about this question ALOT the last 12 months, it was my 40th during lockdown and I promised myself I would treat myself to a really nice bag this year. I’ve wanted one my entire adult life and if my 40th isn’t enough to validate the purchase I think living through this crazy year so far is! I have just got to decide which one. Unfortunately my budget doesn’t stretch to Chanel, so I’m looking at ,GUCCI, CHLOE and YSL . I love black and gold together and I think that the gold makes it much more suitable for day to night dressing. Black goes with everything and it’s timeless. Decisions decisions … which would you choose?

Top left – CHLOE mini C bag , top right -GUCCI marmont . Bottom left – GUCCI soho , bottom right -YSL monogram leather cross body

In a time where it seems we are moving away from fast fashion in favour of fashion that will stand the test of time. A designer bag would be the perfect purchase. Buying a classic style and colour designer bag that would last forever and go with everything to everywhere seems like the way forward. And if the last few months have taught me anything, it’s to not wait but to do now what makes us happy and to not save it for best!

If like me you are a lover of handbags you will be very happy to know that the V&A Museum in London are holding a exhibition opening in November 2020 called “Bags: inside and out” which spans 500 years of Britain’s favourite accessory, the exhibition is also sponsored by Mulberry which is sign its going to be one not to be missed.

Maybe I’ll see you there!

Thanks for reading

Caroline x


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