What 2020 taught me about style

Images from Pinterest

I’m not doing dry January, vegan January, or no shopping January. Eating, drinking and online shopping is pretty much all we got right now to get us through what has to be the worst January ever!

A new year does however naturally make you reflect. So I’m writing this blog to look at what I learnt about style from last year and how I think our buying habits have been changed as a result of the pandemic and try to take these forward in the form of intensions for myself in 2021. Much like trying to loose weight or drink less, I believe it has to be a cultural change, not a fad diet.

How to sum up Fashion and style in 2020, well there was lockdown tie dye, lots of loungewear, puffa jackets and of course face masks! I think most of those have continued into 2021, and the things we learnt about fashion and style will directly impact how we dress and shop this year.

Gym gear isn’t just for the gym

Me during lockdown no 1, wearing my animal print sweaty Betty leggings.

Before 2020 my gym leggings were just for that .. the GYM, that was the only place that I would wear them, but then along came Lockdown no 1. The gym’s closed and I cancelled my membership, I now try and mostly fail, to work out at home. I found that I was wearing my gym leggings in particular just in my daily life and I was feeling comfortable and stylish too. By daily life, I am of course referring to lockdown life, so this consists mainly of round the house, the park, the supermarket and then eventually on the school run. I did also try to take up jogging so I did wear my gym leggings then too.

I was also seeing more women wearing work out clothes for daily life and more images on social media, tv and adverts showing the same.

One thing is for sure that my priorities have changed with my clothes, comfort and practicality is now top of the list where before I would be drawn to prints and style and colour … now I look at things a little different as my daily life is different.

My absolute favourite gym leggings for running/ working out/ school run/ park life etc…are always Swetty Betty and I have their thermal ones on my list for this winter. I think they are a wardrobe essential especially for lockdown no 3.

Throw a big jumper and a coat over your leggings and you have a instantly stylish look that makes you feel comfortable yet on trend. So practical for all this time we are spending outside too.

Image taken from Mint velvet instagram

Loungewear is for life

me wearing my John Lewis velour loungewear hoody that I got for Christmas

As the country started to WFH online sales for loungewear rocketed as we all searched for those perfect outfits to keep us comfortable whist sitting in front of our laptops.

There is also the fact that for those of us who like to buy new things, justifying a loungewear purchase to yourself is pretty easy, as it’s what you are spending most of your days in. We are no longer in need of lot’s of going out outfits .. but new casual and comfy clothes.. yes!

There are a few queens of loungewear styling on Instagram whom I follow for inspiration for loungewear outfits and mixing and matching it with my existing wardrobe, to look casual and chic, at the same time as being super comfortable WTF vibes.

The @wearetwinset girls do it so well as they look so fabulous in their high street lounge wear, just add a good coordinating coat, bag and trainers/ boots and you are all set!

Image taken from Instagram @wearetwinset

Loungewear head to toe for me is just 1 step away from a PJ day and although I love the look on others and think it looks really chic when done well, for me and my mental state I found the need to get some what properly dressed each day. I found personally it helped me feel more ready for the day ahead and more positive. So I lean towards the half loungewear look, teaming my joggers with a cosy knit or sweat top would be go to look right now.

That was one big lesson I think we all took from this pandemic, that you have to do, what ever you can and however small, to get your self through the days of ups and downs. Small things like wearing something to make your self feel good or putting a bit of make up on, what ever helps you.

These are three of my top instgram accounts I follow for outfit inspo, showing how they wear their loungewear. They all like to mix up their loungewear for a really easy put together look that I love.

Images taken from Instagram From left to right @adaintymum , @jess_soothill , @heyitsromeca

One tip for this look is to keep the colour pallete tonal across the layers and when mixing loungewear with other separates eg. A knit and joggers, this creates a much cleaner put together look. I love the look of the different textures to as it really can add some interest to your outfit , adding a shacket over your hoody or sweat top is a great way to layer up.

One last thing on loungewear .. if you’d of asked me before last year, if it was considered stylish and chic to be wearing your tracky bottoms with a blazer I would of said no way! But here we are!

Myleen klass & Katie Holmes 2020 street style from my insta stories

Buy less choose well

As the shops are shut now and were for a long period of 2020, online shopping is of course bigger than ever before. I have to be honest, I really miss shopping in real life, the joy and ease of browsing and trying on in store has not yet returned but one day it will!

Wanting to invest in more timeless peices and classic styles . Driven by the move away from fast fashion but also in the current climate we aren’t buying for instant wear as we just don’t know what’s round the corner . We can’t justify to our selves spending money on going out clothes .. where are we going? Before we might of bought things for those events that just come up .. now not so much.

But we CAN justify buying WFH clothes , lounge wear and new coats and boots to keep us warm on those winter walks! Our buying priories have adjusted as we have and I know once this pandemic is over we will adjust again but I have learnt that really we NEED a lot less.

De clutter your wardobe and your life

I have streamlined my wardrobe more last year than ever before, this is partly due to the lack of need for new clothes ( no where to go for a large percentage of the year) but also part of a conscious decision to buy less and make more considered choices when buying new clothes. I want my wardrobe to work harder for me and therefore the items can’t be one hit wonders, they need to fit with my lifestyle and be able to be worn different ways for maximum numbers of wears.

With all this extra time indoors there is no better time to declutter your wardrobe! Be brutal is my advice! I wrote a blog last year on this topic if you are interested in my tips. I also offer this service as a part of my styling business. Link to find out more or contact me if you have any questions. https://the-perfect-purchase.com/wardrobe-detox/

Looking ahead to 2021

With all this in mind I have put together my style intensions for 2021… then we will see what the year throws at us.

1. To continue to invest in good quality basics and the key categories, layers and coats in particulars

2. I will be even more brutal when I de clutter my wardrobe. life is so unpredictable at the moment but I really don’t need half a wardrobe full of clothes for “ just in case”

4. I will look to build on my wardrobe only adding key items that I can wear year on year ( regardless of a pandemic!) and in multiple ways.

5. I will wear clothes that make me happy

What are your style intensions for 2021?!

Thanks for reading! Stay safe x



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