The Colours of 2021

Images from Pantone

Pantone have chosen two colours for the year 2021 – Yellow and Grey.

“Selection of two independent colours highlight how different elements come together to express a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting”

“The union of enduring ultimate grey with vibrant yellow illuminating expresses a message of positivity supported by fortitude”


Pantone are trying to a capture the mood of what is happening across the world in the current Pandemic through colour and I find the above a very powerful message. There is hope and we have to show strength and work together and conform to the greater goal.

But you may ask- Who is Pantone and why should we know or care what their colours for the year are?

Pantone is a world leader in setting colour standards across industries, in particular the creative and design industries use Pantone references to match colours so that they are exact. Each shade of colour has its own unique reference meaning it is consistent where ever it is used. Every year Pantone chooses one colour to represent the year, this year they have chosen two. This passes down through from designers and the catwalks, and will directly impact what you see in the stores this year.

Does this mean we should all be rushing to buy things in yellow and grey?

Of course not, but it does mean that you will see an increase in yellow and grey items in shops, not only clothing but across interiors and home accessories etc.. and in marketing and brands will use these colours to re in force the message of hope and strength.

Because colour is connected to our emotions and wellbeing it is very powerful tool especially when thinking about self care and mood lifting. Colour is a deeply psychogical thing, people do have subconscious and conscious reactions to colour.

Who suits these colours best?

Everyone can wear grey and it’s the prefect neutral colour to have your basics in and to build your wardrobe up from, very chic to wear and a nice alternative to black.

Yellow is best suited to those with warmer skin tones. There are so many potential ways to bring this colour into your daily wardrobe. It is a bold striking colour worn as a full outfit or a striking combination when paired with another colour. Accessories and shoes are a more subtle way of bringing yellow into your wardrobe. I will be doing a further spring fashion edit on how to wear yellow and grey but for now see below a few images for inspiration.

Images from Pinterest

Ultimately colour is a very personal choice. Which colours suit you, is not only down to your preferences but its also because of your unique combination of natural colouring , face, eyes, hair all combine to make what’s called a colour season. That’s how a stylist analyse and categorise which colours suit people best.

Wearing the right Colours for you is a very powerful thing, it has such a positive impact on our mood and how you feel, makes you look more youthful and brings out your natural beauty. You might notice that when you wear a certain colour you get a compliment or people react differently towards you.

Find the colours that resonate with you. This is the single most effective thing we can do to help us look and feel our best. When we are connected to the best part of ourselves we can put our best self forward, no matter what the situation

Karen Haller author of , The little book of colour

Do you know what colours naturally suit your complexion and colourings? Do you know what colours will make you look the best version of you?

In this new world where so much of our lives is now conducted via video call knowing the best colours to wear for your completion will make a big difference on how people see you.

If you want to know more about which colours best suit you I can help with my Perfect Colour and style service –

Given our current lockdown status I wanted to focus on the colour yellow and how it can help lift our mood and whilst we try to get through a winter in lockdown, looking towards Spring might just be the lift we need to get us through.

The uplifting affects of Yellow

Think about the colour yellow and what do you feel? Can you feel the warmth from the sun? Does it make you feel happy, uplifted, optimistic? These are all warm and positive feelings that are naturally evoked. I Myself think of Daffodils and Spring, the sunshine and the sand of the beach, all taking me to happy times and a positive place.

Many brands use yellow in their advertising to evoke a positive emotion, you notice it much more around companies aimed and children also, “happy” being the selling point.

Wearing yellow can really lift your mood, but you can also use this colour combination in your home interiors to brighten and bring in mood boosting touches. Even small ones can make a big difference, I love it when it’s the time of year that the daffodils are out, adding a bunch of bright yellow flowers to my kitchen really lifts my mood and makes me happy.

Images from Pinterest

Yellow and grey are a prefect match especially for interiors and my house features a lot of these colour combinations already. Yellow works perfectly as an accent colour against monochrome or neutral back grounds, enabling you to add as little or as much as you like.

Now you will start seeing these colours more and more and start spotting this colour combination, you will see it used in marketing and advertising across all sorts of industries all taking their colour inspiration from Pantone.

I hope I’ve given you some inspiration on how you can bring a little bit of yellow into your life.

Thanks for reading.

Caroline x


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