The Perfect Edit – Basket bags

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When you think of a basket/ straw bag, You might have images of heading to the beach , and yes you can .. but these bags can take you anywhere, looking incredibly stylish as you go.

The summer ready bag , add a straw/ basket bag to your outfit and it’s an instantly adds a touch of summer. So practical too, especially the larger ones as you can fit so much in!

Image – Emma Hill

I myself have two straw bags , one I bought last year from Mango as it looked so much like the designer Lowe version, love a good designer lookalike. They have bought it back out this year with a slight variation, I’ve included it in my edit as I still think it’s a great nod to the designer version.

My other one is a round cross body straw bag from M&S last spring when I wanted to jazz up my summer day to day outfits. I am this year looking for a slightly larger shopper style to add to the collection. Would love a monogrammed one but that is another edit all together!

My two straw bags from last summer

Before the edit here is some designer bag inspiration. These are investment pieces and beautiful bags that would last and stand the test of time. But if, like mine your budget doesn’t stretch that far, the next best thing is a high street alternative.

Chloe – Celine
Lowe – Prada

The perfect straw bag edit

From big basket bags to small straw cross body’s that add a stylish touch of summer to your outfit, I’ve found the best the high street have to offer.

Zara – £25.99
Straw cross body bag
M&S £15
Straw tote bag
M&S £29.50
Double strap mini basket bag
Mango £39.99
Round straw bag
H&M £17.99
Aria straw shoulder bag
Whistles £89.99
Straw tote bag
Ralph Lauren via John Lewis £189
Jute basket bag
Mango £39.99
Straw cross body Half moon bag
& other stories £45
Ted Baker £129
Asbury woven bum bag
Hush £59
Kensington small straw bag
kurt Geiger via selfridges £99
Lk Bennett £70
Leather trimmed straw bag
Arket £79

Which is your favourite ?

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