My Perfect Holiday Wardrobe

This is my packing list that I used when I went on our family holiday to Mallorca at the end of July. I know that we were incredibly lucky to get away on this trip, that we had moved 3 times previous due to Covid restrictions. This summer has been a tough one for many and I know we aren’t all getting away, I’m sharing this so that if and when you do get away, you will have a helping guide to what to pack.

A photo from the hotel we stayed at in Mallorca.

I didn’t really do any holiday shopping before out trip to Mallorca, something unheard of for me as I would always be planning my outfits and buying new clothes for my holiday, it was all part of the lead up excitement.

This year it all felt very surreal and after 18 months of not being able to plan anything I didn’t really believe I was going abroad until I was actual on the plane. The week before we went I last minute purchased a swimsuit from M&S ( shown below) and a sun dress I could use for the beach and going out from F&F ( sorry I can’t find it online) . All the rest of my packing was from my wardrobe and a few holiday items that have been stored away waiting for the opportunity to be worn.

I believe if you choose wisely and buy well, then they will always be your holiday go too’s. By this I don’t mean buying expensive items, I mean buying items that suit your body shape and in a classic style, colour or print.

Some of my go to holiday outfits

My advice when planning your holiday wardrobe is to think about the kind of activities you are going to be doing. If you are mainly by the pool or beach then you will need more day wear for that, if you are sightseeing and doing day trips then you would need to change some beach wear for some casual summer clothes. Make sure your holiday clothes work hard for you by working together.

A few of my Holiday evening looks

This is my packing list for a week away in the sunshine, my time was mainly spent in the pool or sea with my little boy, out for lunches and family friendly dinners.

My Packing list

  • 3-4 swimsuits ( I am no longer a bikini wearer!) My go to’s are swimsuits that you can take the straps off so you don’t get white shoulder marks .
  • 3 Beach / pool cover ups
  • 2 pairs of Shorts- I always take one tailored pair and 1 that are light for wearing over swimsuits, linen ones are perfect for this.
  • A few t shirts and vest tops to wear with shorts
  • A white linen shirt
  • 7-10 Dresses / jumpsuits / playsuits
  • Light summer trousers. Linen trousers are a great holiday choice. I wore mine at night but these work for day time too as they look great over a swimsuit or with a bikini.
  • A cotton midi skirt
  • A lux vest top to go with shorts or your summer trousers that you can dress up with jewellery for evening.

A note about Dresses / Playsuits / jumpsuits

When choosing what to take in this category I look for items that I can wear day and night by changing your footwear and accessories. How many of each you take it really down to personal style and preference.

Shoes And accessories

  • 3 pairs of flat sandals , I pair neutral , I pair black, I pair embellished.
  • 1 pair of flip flops
  • Add in 1 pair of heels or wedges as needed ( I haven’t taken heels on holiday since my early 30’s)
  • A beach bag
  • A cross body bag that you can wear for day time and evening. If you need evening glam a small metallic clutch would be a good all rounder.
  • Sun hat / cap


Think about what underwear you need to go with your outfits , I took a strapless bra , one nude t shirt bra and a black bra

Your Jewellery wants to work with as many outfits as possible so try not to take items that you will only wear once. Look for easy to mix and match pieces. Layering necklaces is great for this as you can add or take away. Jewellery can really make a big difference to an outfit and transform it from day time cause to evening so it’s good to really think about what to take and plan your outfits.

Outfit inspiration

I’ve put together a few outfits to show you the style of things I like to wear on holiday and how I items can work in different ways. The more you take that can be worn in more than one way the lighter your packing and the more options on holiday you will have.

All items are linked so you can shop if you want to.

Pool to Drinks


A Shirt worn open in both for a light easy but chic cover up. Add embellished sandals and some jewellery for a elevated look for drinks

Shirt dress l
Flip flops
Studded sandals
Sun hat
Black swimsuit
Beach bag
Black slip dress

Pool to Day trip


I always have shorts packed that I can wear over my swimwear making it into an outfit, it’s an easy but stylish way of changing your look on holiday and works really well. Leave your linen shirt open for a more relaxed vibe

White linen shirt
Straw bag
Linen shorts
Sun hat
Black flat sandals
Flip flops

Beach to Lunch


A dress that can work on the beach as well as to a restaurant for lunch or dinner is always a winner. Simply by changing your shoes and accessories you have a different look

Beach dress
Slider sandals
Flip flops
Straw bag

Day to Night

I always take a few jumpsuits on holiday as they are so easy to wear and being one complete outfit they are great for space and time saving. Changing your shoes and accessories is the key to the look. Select a simple pattern or plain classic jumpsuit that will work for both day and night.

Studded sandals
Animal print bag
Straw bag
Slider sandals

Hope you enjoyed this blog! I would love to hear what you think so please leave me feedback on here or on Instagram.

Thank you for reading

Caroline x


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