The Perfect Pink Jumper

Last weeks blog was all about how wearing certain colours can affect how we feel and how others see us. This weeks blog is about the colour that always lifts my mood, that I love to wear, which is pink. Even when I see pink in the shops it always brings me joy!

Pink is a light red in the colour spectrum and whilst red stands for physical energy, pink is softer, gentle and more calming. The lighter pinks are especially soothing whilst the bright bubblegum pinks or magenta pinks are more vibrant and intense and can also be very stimulating.

Colour conveys a message and it can be a very powerful way to communicate.

“Reconnecting with the feminine and getting back in touch with our soft feminine power is our feminine strength. Women do business differently. We build relationships. We come from a place of kindness, empathy and compassion, which has a power and strength beyond what we can ever imagine”

Karen Haller

I went into my local M&S last week and I was so excited to see all the pink combinations in store. There is so many ways to wear pink and combine it with the colour’s we naturally associate with autumn/ winter such as camel, black and grey.


Pink is a universally flattering colour it’s all about finding the right shade for you and your natural colouring.

Wear with…

  • All shades of denim
  • Navy
  • Grey
  • All shades of camel, Tan and brown
  • Black
  • Animal print
  • For a bright colour pop teem with red or orange or green

The Edit

I’ve sourced a range of shades across the pink colour spectrum in classical shapes that will be staples in your wardrobes.

Does contain some affiliate links

I do love a pink jumper

This first one is the closest I could find to my H&M one from last year , pictured above.

M&S £39.50
M&S £19.50 also comes in hot pink .
I had this in cream last year and wore it loads a great boxy style knit , see below pic
Me wearing the M&S jumper above but in cream last year .. I’ve very tempted to buy the pink version.
Boden £60
M&S £25
M&S £79 comes in soft pink too
M&S £29.50
( the picture does not do this jumper justice! See my image above the colour is lovely! )
Hush £89
this is slightly cropped so great for short bodied / petites and wearing over dresses
M&S £19.50
Mango cashmere £119

Happy shopping!

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Caroline x


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