The Perfect Edit -Christmas Gift List

The perfect Christmas gift list, ideas for gifts for the ladies in your lives, family and friends, or even yourself ( feel free to forward it to your husband or partner! )

I always feel that Christmas gifts should be a treat in any kind of way, something they might not buy themselves, something they didn’t even know they were missing, an item that will bring joy.

These are not throw away gift ideas but ones that I believe are of good quality and value for money. They will have longevity in a wardrobe and ultimately add value.

Now it’s hard all this looking for gifts and seeing things you want for yourself so I feel it’s only right to admit I totally buy myself a Christmas present each year, I mean why not, we deserve it!

This blog does contain some affiliate links but in no way does this affect your shopping experience.

Clothing, Shoes and Accessories

Animal print scarf £12.50
Cashmere socks £36 (20 % off now with Black Friday use code at checkout)
Cashmere hat £35 (comes in 4 colours)
Card wallet ( 30% off) £34
Slippers £36 ( 20% off now with Black Friday use code at checkout)
Cashmere Joggers £39.99
Cross body bag £49.50 (comes in 4 colours)
Cashmere jumper £79 (comes in 17 colours)
Velour loungewear £19.50
sweatshirt £22.50
Velour hoody £29
I had this for Christmas last year in pink, wear it all the time it’s so nice
Leopard print PJ set with eye mask £35
Black leather trainers £99
Cashmere scarf £48 ( 20% off! With Black Friday )
( comes in 10 colours)
I treated myself to one of these last year! A real Forever scarf so soft
Back pack £80 ( comes in 7 colours)
Ugg slippers £80
Yes you can buy look alike but nothing beats the real thing!

Whilst we are on the topic . These might be marmite but I love them. Invested in them on a trip to NYC about 9 years ago and I still wear them.

Ugg boot mini £145
l love mine , a classic
The best knickers £40 pack lots of other patterns . This brand is really worth checking out
Leather clutch £99
Gingham pj’s £65

other bits I like ..

Eye mask £14.99
Limited edition pillow talk gift set £39
Mini jewellery box £36
I always have something from the stackers range on my Christmas list!
Elemis pro collagen balm £44
My favourite thing from the Elemis pro collagen range. Hard choice as I love it all but this is like a facial at home every time you want to take your make up off

What’s on your Christmas list?

Caroline x


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