What is a Personal Colour Analysis?

A personal colour analysis is a service to show you what colours make you look your very best. I decided to write this blog as I realised that although we see a lot of stylist talking about this on social media a lot of people weren’t sure what was actually involved or more importantly how having a colour analysis would add value to their lives.

Firstly I want to put an emphasis on the word personal as colour is a very personal thing, we all see colour differently, we have different response’s and feelings to colours. How many times have you had a discussion with your friend or partner for example about how you see a colour ” no its a green not blue” we all can literally see colour slightly differently, and on top of this we all have our own perception of what is a bright, light or dark.

How you personally relate to colour is part of your subconscious too, it is made up of colour associations that start from when we are children and growing up our surroundings and culture adds to these. You may lean towards a colour as it has a positive memory from childhood, or the opposite maybe you didn’t like school and the colour of your uniform you now hate. Colour’s do evoke certain emotional responses, to one person yellow may make them feel warm and happy but to another its a warning sign and triggers the opposite response.

I studied art at school and college and did my degree in Textile design so colour for me has always been part of my education and learning journey. I find it a fascinating topic that I look to learn much more about as there is so much to learn. If the theory or psychology of colour is something that interests you one of my favourite books on the topic is “The little book of colour” by Karen Haller.

Ways to wear colour

Wearing colour doesn’t have to mean dressing from head to toe in a kaleidoscope of rainbow of colour, unless you want to that is. For most people it’s about finding the colours that make you look and feel your best and that is what a colour analysis will do for you.

Just a few ways to wear colour some lovely insta ladies here – @stylewithwisdom, @kay_elle_kay, @stealmystyle40 , @whatmariewears , @thatgirlwiththebob

There are lots of ways to wear colour based on your style and personality and how you feel about colours. as part of my colour analysis we talk about different ways you can wear your best colours and how to bring in any new colour into your wardrobe in a way that works for you.

How does colour analysis work?

There are two main ways a personal stylist will analyse your colours, one is to match you to a seasonal palette ( Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) the other is based on tonal colour palettes ( cool, warm etc). In both the stylist is looking at your natural complexion, hair and eye colour as a starting point to which group of colours you are suited to. These colours will enhance your natural beauty and make you look younger.

As part of my Personal styling training I trained in seasonal colour analysis and I now offer a bespoke service that’s 100% personalised to you. I am not trying to fit you into box, together we explore the seasonal palettes closest to your natural colourings then create your own pallet based on how you feel about colours and what you like to wear. I use a digital drapes software to show you the impact of wearing each colour group and you will be amazed at the affects certain colours have on the way you look. Clients really do find it very enlightening and some times transformational as you can see for yourself in an instant the difference it makes.

A few example pages from a clients virtual colour analysis pack

If you want to know more about my virtual colour analysis you can click here to go to my website page.

How will knowing my best colours help me?

Imagine when you go shopping you know what colours to look for in certain things, you will know what colours are your best light and dark neutrals and have your own digital colours palette saved on your phone so you can remind your self easily no matter if you are shopping online or IRL.

Your colour analysis will give you the tools to make better shopping choices and enable you to put outfits together more easily. Both shopping and getting ready become less stressful as you know what suits you, what you are looking for when you do shop.

You will know which colours to go for if you are shopping for a top or dress for example , which of your best colours go together and when looking at prints you will recognise highlight colours that we talked about in our session. Overall you will be able to make better shopping choices for your wardrobe which will mean you will save your self time and money.

Gives you confidence to wear colour knowing which shades and tones of the colours really work for you.

You will look and feel good by wearing the colours that you know suit you, not only from what you see in the mirror but how you feel.

It really is a great investment in your self and a great way to start if you are wanting to update your wardobe or your style. Maybe you are starting a new job and want to feel really confident in your work outfits or you are just feeling a little lost in your style, stuck in a rut buying the same old things. This can be the start of you making that change and investing in being the best version of you.

How to find out more

If you would like to know more or want to discuss or book this service with me please get in touch, I offer a complementary discovery call where we can chat about everything with no obligation.

Thanks for reading I would love to hear your thoughts or comments

Caroline x

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