How do your clothes affect your mental health

In this blog I want to talk about how clothes and how what you wear, can have a positive and negative impact on how you feel. Now before I start , I’m not saying that what we wear can solve all our problems, there are many pieces to the puzzle of what can have an impact on our own metal health, but how we treat ourselves is fundamental to good self care and our clothes as part of our appearance is a big part of this.

What is for certain is that when we feel good, we look good and vica versa. If you think about a time when you are feeling low, what are you wearing? It’s natural that when we are not feeling at our best that we reach for the easiest options in our wardrobes, to just throw on and we pay less attention to our selves and how we look. Also when we are down things like wearing make up, putting on jewellery and adding accessories, things that can really elevate an outfit drop off the daily radar.

In contrast you can also think of a time when you were feeling great and had made a real effort with your outfit, perhaps an occasion or celebration or holiday. Clothes can be real mood lifters, next time you aren’t feeling your best put something on that makes you happy, wear it just because you love it and you will notice the difference.

I know from my own experience and from speaking to clients that lifestlye changes like becoming a mum, getting older, and changes in your body shape, can all leave you feeling lost in yourself. Not recognising who you are in terms of how you dress and how you feel in your clothes and when you look in the mirror, can be very damaging to your mental health.

Feeling like the best version of you

Wearing clothes that fit you well, suit your body shape and look good on you is a massive boost to your mental health. Liking your outfit is a sure way to start the day off well, you know how it feels when you feel good in your outfit, you feel more confident and generally happier.

Something that comes up a lot when speaking to clients is that they don’t want to buy new clothes because of the size, or they wont buy something if they need a size up. Sizing is so inconsistent across the high street you really shouldn’t worry what the number is, only that it fits you well and looks good on you. Once you let go of the stigma in your head of that number, you will find you will be much happier.

Tidy wardrobe, tidy mind

Having a organised wardrobe that only houses clothes that fit you, your lifestyle and make you look good is a going to start you off on the positive for the day. Being able to put outfits together easily and not having that stressful feeling of having nothing to wear because your wardrobe is so full of clothes you cant see what you actually have.

Top tip-Getting rid of the clothes that you have that no longer fit you will give you an immediate lift and stop you from looking a them and feeling bad that you can no longer wear them. I’m not saying you have to give it all to charity, if you don’t want to part with the just put it in storage bags or another place as long as its out of sight.

Taking the time for yourself and investing in your self and the way you dress is a form of self care.

For anyone feeling like this is something they would like a little help with I offer a full wardrobe detox service online and in person depending on your location.

“Wearing colours that support you is a great way to put a bit of self-care into your working day”

Karen Haller – The little book of colour

The impact of colour on our emotions

Colours envoke emotion in us, that is why marketing companies spend so much time and money choosing the right colours for their advertising campaigns depending on how they want us to feel . Think about this in terms of your own choices around colour as wearing the right colours can have a big impact on how you look and how people see you.

Above is a example of just one of the positive meanings of these colours, there are of course others and also every colour does have negative emotions too, the trick here is to wear the right way and the right shade for you. Knowing what emotion colours can evoke in us can help you when you want to influence others too, think about job interviews or dates or even important meetings at work.

Research showed that 19% of women wear black on a date, this is because its flattering and we feel safe and chic in our outfit. But it also can send the message that you are cool and creates a barrier to hide behind. For a boost in motivation on a Monday try wearing a energetic colour such as red or strong pink or orange.

Colours can affect our own feelings and can help us have positive impact on our own well being. Wearing your favourite colour is sure way to enhance and lift your mood, whats yours? mine is pink, I find when i wear it I am happier and it does give me a lift.

Me wearing my happy colour

“The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you”

Coco Chanel

Do you know what colour’s suit you?

You might think that not every colour suits everyone, but as a stylist who has studied colour, I know that it is all about finding the right shade for you and how you wear it.

Its also really important to know what colours suit you and your natural complection and colouring the best. Have you ever wore a colour top and had lots of complements on how nice you look? That is because wearing the right shade not just the right colour to suit you brings out your natural beauty, makes you look healthier and more youthful. Stylists group colours together in what is know as a colour seasons and based on your complection, eye colour and natural hair colour you can determine what season you are, then by trying the right shade of the colours in your colour palette you will find your perfect colours.

We are taking about which colours you should wear closest to your face and there are many ways to wear colour depending on your personal style and how you feel in colour.

My Virtual Colour Analysis serivce

If you aren’t sure what colours suit you or how to wear and would like some help finding out what your best Colour’s are my virtual colour analysis would be perfect for you.

Click below to find out more.

Get in contact via my website or by social media if you want to know more about any of the topics in this blog and how, as a personal stylist I can help you look and feel great.

Thanks for reading

Caroline x


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