5 Ways a wardrobe detox is good for you

Firstly what do I mean by wardrobe detox , it is essentially when you go through your clothes, review and take out what is no longer working for you any more. By doing this you are left with only the clothes that you actually want to wear and that serve your lifestyle. Clothes that fit and what you really love, it’s like a juice cleanse but for your wardrobe, you get rid of all the toxins, the clothes that no longer fit and make you feel bad and the ones not adding any value but taking up space.

The stress of trying to find something to wear before a wardrobe detox
image from the classic Clueless fun

So here are what I think are the 5 biggest ways a detox really helps you and makes your life easier.

1. Let’s talk Sustainability

This has to be one of my favourite quotes about how I feel about fashion right now and the move towards being more considered in your shopping choices in order for the good of the environment.

There is a lot of talk in the media etc about making more sustainable choices and buying sustainable fabrics and into brands that use these, and I 100% agree with it all. But the first step before that is to make sure that what you have in your wardrobe already is being worn. No matter how sustainable the fabric is or the green promise of the shop you are buying it from, by buying something you don’t really need that therefore doesn’t get worn very much or at all, is the opposite of sustainability. When you clearly know what you need to add to your wardrobe you will make better shopping decisions and less impulse buys that end up being repeats of something you already had.

2. Saves you money

This is a big one and it’s true. There are a number of ways that doing a wardrobe detox saves you money. By knowing what is in your wardrobe it stops you from repeat buying something that is too similar or that does the same job. Only buying what you actually need, so identifying those wardrobe gaps is really valuable. It focusses your buying and makes your purchases more considered so in the long run you end up with a more cohesive wardrobe that will save you money in last min impulse buys.

You may even find items in your wardrobe you had forgotten all about! How many of you have clothes sat in your wardrobe with the tags still on?

3. Saves you time

Image from Pinterest

This might be an obvious one, but it’s an important one. If we can save ourselves time, especially in the mornings it worth it, and having an wardrobe that only has clothes in it that you actually want to and can wear, will save you time getting ready. Also knowing what you need to add to your wardrobe and what you don’t need will save you time shopping, as you will be more focused and make better shopping decisions.

4. Wear more of your wardrobe

the majority of people wear 20% of their closet 80% of the time

Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner from her book “you are what you wear”

The last few years we have had a good reason for this but now you can look at your clothes with fresh eyes and really think about what you want to wear now and going forward. Maybe your lifestyle has changed or your job has changed, you don’t need to hold on to clothes you aren’t wearing for “just in case”

Having a more cohesive wardrobe that serves your lifestyle will enable you to get more wear out of the items you have. Also I can’t tell you how many clients have found clothes in their wardrobes during a detox that they have forgotten about, just through not being able to see clearly what they do have.

When you can see clearly all your clothes and you know what you have it enables you to put together different outfits and increase the ways you wear your clothes.

5. It will make you feel good.

We all know that we feel good when we have a tidy organised house or work space, that it makes our day easier and by extension we feel happier and less stressed. Your wardrobe is the same. By getting rid of the things that are weighing you down you can see more clearly and have the space to re organise. Shopping from you wardrobe becomes easier and more fun and so does getting dressed in the morning.

Image from Pinterest

So when is best to do a detox?

The truth is of course you can do a wardrobe detox at any time, but by doing just before the start of each main season ( spring / summer and winter) you will find it the most beneficial. Now is the perfect time to do a wardrobe detox, we are coming out of winter and spring is around the corner in the UK ( everyone fingers crossed). You are fed up of wearing all your winter clothes and desperately want to buy some of the lovely new in spring summer stock that is coming in to stores, but the weather isn’t quite there for you to wear it.

Where do I start?

If you are feeling like you have no idea where to start or the job in hand is just too big, some expert help is exactly what you need. I love doing wardrobe detox’s with clients as they have such a big impact on them and their lives. Making new outfits out of clothes you have already, showing you how to put things together that you hadn’t thought about and adding in key missing pieces to build you your perfect wardrobe.

If you want to know how I can help click the below link to my services page or get in touch for a chat.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions I offer a no obligation discovery call so we can chat about and get to know how I can help you.

Thanks for reading

Caroline x


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