Finding the Perfect pair of jeans

It’s the holy grail of shopping the perfect fitting denim! You can’t short cut there is no way around trying on lots of jeans in your search for the perfect pair. But as a stylist I know that there are certain factors to consider when searching for the perfect jeans.

Sizing is probably the biggest issue on the high street right now, not just denim but I think it’s felt in this area more because of the huge inconsistencies from store to store and even within the same store.

In my career I have worked for a designer brand that had denim as part of its range and there is so much work that goes into making a quality pair of jeans. I’ve also worked for the high street, including Topshop where jeans where one of the top 3 performing categories all year round. But there sizing inconsistency issues unfortunately were viewed as a marginal loss when you are selling so many pairs. To get those jeans to the customer at a very low price retailers have to make compromises and cuts along the way, for example the quality of the fabric, the wash, the finishes. For a fast fashion brand everything is about speed to market, the fitting and checking of production is a done to a very small % of what is actually made. Which do result in big inconsistencies in what you find in store.

I am not saying all retailers on the high street work this way, I am only speaking from my personal experience. But generally in life we do get what we pay for don’t we.

Denim inspo from Pinterest

My Jean shopping top tips

  • SHAPE -Know what works for your body shape, think about your proportions and which areas you want to re balance. Generally a more straighter leg will be universally flattering, with the slightly flared styles being particularly great for apple and pears shapes.
  • PRICE – Think about your cost per wear, if you wear your jeans day in day out then your cost per wear on buying a decent pair would be very low. Investing in good quality denim does mean that they will last longer, do you find that your cheap high street denim only lasts one summer then the go all out of shape, if you are buying a new pair every year it makes sense to invest in a denim that will stand the test of time.
  • MATERIAL – It goes back to your budget but I advise clients to get the best quality denim that their budget allows, as the backbones to our wardrobe buying a good denim means you will be able to wash and wear season after season. There is nothing wrong with buying high street denim I have several pairs of M&S jeans that I wear a lot but I know that due to the price I’ll be replacing them next year as they will look worn and go baggy.
  • STRETCH -If you are wanting to be comfortable look for either a relaxed fit or a style with added stretch. There are loads of relaxed fits on the high street now as the fashion since the pandemic has really moved into comfort clothing.
  • SIZING- My only advice is to wear what fits not worry about what the label says as the UK high street is so bad at sizing consistently , it’s not you that doesn’t fit the clothes it’s the clothes that don’t fit you!
  • LENGTH- Finding the right leg lengths can be tricky but lots of places do multiple leg lengths and its very fashionable to roll up your denim to show off the ankle and the shoes. Think about what footwear you are mainly going to wear with them and make sure they look good with those. Ideally with trainers you want a slight gap if its anything other than a skinny jean.

Have you ever tried Cabi jeans?

You really should take a look they are so nice! Comfy and stylish with a nod to the trends but they are not trend lead. High quality finishes and washes and attention to detail that you would expect when buying branded denim.

Available in a full range of sizes and as they are US sizing and come up a little generous, I suggest to try at least 2 sizes down from your normal size. For example I am an 8/10 in UK but I fit perfectly into the size US 2 Cabi jeans. So when looking for the perfect fit it feels nice to be a size small number than you would be on average in UK high street I have to say! And once you have going your Cabi size that will stay your size! No messing with the sizing here.

I will talk you through each style below, if you want to take a closer look you can shop via the website they are all linked below just click on the image .

Or for the VIP shopping treatment why not book a 1-1 session with me and we can find your perfect pair! With Cabi you get free personal styling as well as me on hand for any advice for what to wear your jeans with, sizing and if needed returns. I do all the work for you.

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Super flattering and comfortable you will have legs for days with these jeans. The ultra high rise and power stretch denim hugs you in all the right places.

They are a nod to the style of more gentle boot cut jeans with a slim waist, straight leg then a gentle flare at the bottom. We are seeing a move away from Skinnies being the favourite jean, since the fashions are following the want to be more comfortable and slightly more relaxed in the fit of your clothes, these fit the bill perfectly.

They come in regular and long length options

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The high Low crop are a perfect Spring jean they are the best sellers at the moment. Comfortable as is a cotton jean with a touch of spadex for stretch, with a mid rise wide waistband is very flattering, slim through the waist then down to a slight kick flare at the raw edge hem line. I love the 2 tone denim wash, this is a very high end designer detail.

Really great for most body shapes and heights as the crop allows it to be worn by petites, we just aren’t showing off as much of our ankles as the taller ladies. The slight flare also makes it great for those wanting to balance off the weight around the hips or middle making it really flattering silhouette. I am going to be wearing these all summer!

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These are a classic Summer white, straight leg slim fit jean with a high rise button fit. They also contain spandex for that stretch and comfortable fit. Roll up your jeans to show off those shoes.

The perfect summer jean to go with all of your tops. A real summer wardrobe staple.

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These are a take on the classic boyfriend jeans, mid rise with a relaxed fit. Deconstruction details and fading on a light blue vintage wash, making them feel very California cool vibes. They are 100% cotton with no stretch as they are only fitted around the waist then an overall looser fit everywhere else.

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These are so much fun and bang on trend for summer! Coloured denim is a great way to wear colour and brighten up your wardrobe and the crop style is super flattering. With the slightly flared leg you can wear all summer long with all of your shoes from heels, wedges, sandals and trainers.

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These have been the most popular style of the season simply because they are so flattering when you put them on, the higher rise and wider leg perfectly balances out your hips and slims your silhouette. The crop length means you can wear them so many ways with all of your footwear. Dress up with heels and dress down with trainers these look super stylish.

They also have a good degree of stretch in them making them not only stylish but super comfortable.

If you would like to check out the denim range or would like any advice on sizing etc book a complementary 1-1 styling appointment with me. You can do that by contacting me or booking direct via the website just click on the below and I can help you find your perfect fitting jeans.

Thanks for reading

Caroline x


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