About Me

“Life isn’t perfect, but your outfit can be”

About me

My name is Caroline and I am the founder of The Perfect Purchase, I am a mum to a little boy and I am based in Kent just outside London. It was whilst taking a break from my career in the fashion industry for motherhood, that I trained as a Personal stylist with The British College of Professional Styling. I loved the course and knew that I had made the right move, as helping others with their style felt like the most natural thing in the world.

Clothes have such a powerful impact on how we look and feel and even the way others perceive us. I can really relate to women who find themselves a little lost in their own style, as motherhood, body shape changes and other lifestyle changes can have a big impact on your confidence. Feeling your best and looking your best go hand in hand, and as a stylist that is what I want to help people achieve.

My Experience

I have a degree in Textile design.  I’ve worked in the fashion Industry my entire professional life, gaining experience in multiple sectors and markets, both in Womenswear and Menswear.  This has give me a broad-based knowledge of the fashion industry across the market level that most of us shop in ..the high street

My career highlights have included being part of a small team that re-launched a casual menswear brand and take that brand to international status.  I have worked with and for most of the major retailers, most recently TOPSHOP/TOPMAN, where I headed up a team that ran their UK Logistics. This required knowing what was on trend at all times and forecasting what people were going to buy and when. I was also given the responsibility to work on celebrity collaborations, including the renowned Kate Moss range, which I particularly enjoyed. 

My brand

The Perfect Purchase was born out of my own shopping ethic of always wanting to find the perfect item, whether it was for myself or my friends I would search high and low to find the right item to fit the brief. It became second nature to fully research and look into all the available options before making that purchase. My friends, family and colleagues would come to me for advice on what and were to buy, how to wear and what to wear with, in becoming a stylist I wanted to share my passion and knowledge of the industry and in particular the high street.

My Values

I believe that everyone should have a wardrobe of clothes that makes them feel and look good, and serves their individual lifestyle well. Buying less and choosing well is such an important mantra for me, as I work with my clients on how to take a considered approach to buying their clothes to ensure longevity in thier wardrobes.


Caroline x

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