The Perfect Edit- Rainbow knitwear

Inspired by this Olivia Rubin cardigan

Hello! This is the first of my weekly edit’s, each week I will choose a theme, category or trend and show you the best versions available on the high street. Please feel free to send any requests my way and I will try to feature.

This week’s was inspired by the Olivia Rubin’s rainbow cardigan and how mood lifting wearing certain colours can be. Rainbows are such a cheerful image and are now synonymous with lockdown in the UK. I have selected jumpers and cardigans that would lift the spirits and bring a little bit of Spring cheer into your wardrobe.

Cardigans have seen a huge increase in popularity and they are a hugely practical item of clothing as are perfect for layering, meaning you can wear them many different ways and perfect for trans seasonal dressing. I have selected both jumpers and cardigans for my edit, as a lovely knit will last for years if you take care of it.

I want to say that ideally in a non pandemic world I would see and feel the items before I would recommend them, but as we all know that’s just not possible at the moment. So I will only be featuring items from brands and stores that I trust and think that their quality is worth the price tag, and that have available stock at the time I feature it.

Would love to know your favourite – let me know in the comments

Clink on the image to shop or see more.

WYSE London
Mohair and merino wool
Wool & mohair
Merino wool & cashmere
& other stories
Wool blend
100% cotton

One way to shop more sustainably is to buy pre loved clothes. There are so many new pre loved sites and business, it really does pay if you want something specific, but not at the “New” price try and source it second hand. I will be talking more about this on future blogs as it’s such a growing market.

Here are a few that I have found on eBay.

Olivia Rubin cardigan
eBay £190
Monki jumper size small
eBay £6

Thanks for reading

Caroline x


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