My Perfect staycation capsule wardrobe

This is my capsule wardrobe for a short staycation in the UK, as that’s the furthest we can go right now some of us are venturing out to other parts of Britain to enjoy a much needed change of scene. We did last week and this is what I packed.

I would love to be writing about packing lots of lovely dresses and sandals but it’s the coldest April ever and we are outside the whole time, therefore this is a very practical guide to what I packed for our family break 4 day break at Center Parcs. Obviously not all of you are planning to go Center Parcs, but this capsule wardrobe would work for any break away in the UK at the moment.

Where possible I’ve used the actual item and where it’s no longer available I’ve found a similar one. I haven’t bought anything for this trip, it’s all already in my wardrobe and my aim here isn’t to send you shopping it’s to show you how having a collection of good basics make outfits and getting ready easier.

The phrase “capsule wardrobe” gets used a lot and I think it’s important to explain that in this case, I’m using it to illustrate that I’m taking a small selection of items that will all work with each other. We all know with the great British weather we have to be prepared for 4 seasons in 1 day. So I’m focusing on layers that work together so I can mix and match outfits and take off and add layers according to the weather.

Why am I taking a capsule wardrobe?

  • To make it easier to get dressed whilst I’m away, if I have items that all work easily together this makes deciding what to wear very simple and multiple outfit choices.
  • To make sure I have all bases covered by choosing items that layer well together I can be prepared for what ever the British weather throws at me.
  • To reduce the amount of packing and allow more space for other needed things in precious car space
Me at Center Parcs last week

If you have a trip coming up in the near future hopefully this will help give you some pointers on where to start when packing your wardrobe. And just to re iterate this is what I am taking I’m not saying it will work for everyone. But good basics that work together is a really good place to start.

My packing list

The key thing is, to consider what you are taking as a collective not individual outfits, you only want to take things that go together. That way you actually have lots more outfit options. Stick to neutral colours and prints that work as neutrals, such as animal print, camo and check.


I tend to live in my jeans so I’m taking a few pairs. If the weather forecast has been for warmer I would of swapped one of these for some casual trousers in a neutral or khaki colour.

  • A pair of relaxed fit blue denim jeans, I’m taking my straight legs jeans.
  • A pair of blue skinny jeans
  • A pair of black denim. These can look smarter if needed, also practical outdoors colour as they of course don’t show up the dirt as much!
  • A pair of leggings I can use for exercise and outdoors activities but also easy to travel in.
Straight leg jeans
Blue skinny jeans
Black skinny jeans
Sports leggings


  • A rain coat / parka style light coat, layer it over everything from my T-shirt to a jumper or hoody.
  • Quilted jacket for warmth
  • Shacket ideally one that can layer under the other jackets or wear over a hoody/ jumper. I packed my camo one but any neutral colour or khaki would work .
  • If I was going for a lunch/ dinner out and wanted to look a little more dressed up I’d take a blazer and wear over my thin knit, but with the current temperature for dinner you would also need your coat and all your winter accessories over the top!

My jackets are all old or out of stock so I have found really good alternatives that fit the brief and are really similar to mine.

Khaki rain Mac
Black short puffer
Camo shacket

Tops – t shirts

  • A few t-shirts in neutral colours , good for layering under knit/ sweat or wearing just with jacket or by itself if warmer!
  • Striped Long sleeve top as it’s an essential and can be worn anywhere.
  • Thermal vests, as I feel the cold and as we are spending so much time outdoors I love wearing thermal vests under my tops to keep me warm.
long sleeve Breton
Slogan tee
Classic crew neck tee
Long sleeve top
Thermal vests

Tops – layers

Important that all can be worn with all of the bottoms for mix and matching your outfits.

  • 2 x hoodies-1 dark to go with sports wear , 1 lighter to go with jeans. I’ll wear one of these to travel in.
  • A Sweatshirt
  • A fine knit jumper , I like to take a grey option as it’s a good neutral and goes well with my black and blue jeans. But any neural colour will work.
Black hoody
Neutral casual hoody
Fine knit jumper
Slogan sweat


Due to current casual state of affairs, I’m just taking the below. If it was forecasted to be warmer I could throw in a pair of black sandals too.

  • A pair of sports trainers for jogging / bike riding and big walks!
  • The other pair ideally are either a white basic that go with everything or a light one like my favourite grey new balance
  • A pair of flat black boots
Nike running trainers
My new balance are a great everyday trainer
Flat ankle boots

Accessories & bags

As I have a 4 year old in tow I tend to use my back packs on trips as it leaves me hands free and also fits in all the essentials plus lots of snacks for him! I have both the below back packs and use them all the time.

  • Leather back pack
  • Sunglasses
  • Leather gloves & beanie hat & scarf for cold mornings and evenings. I had a drink outside in one of the evenings and I needed all my winter accessories and thermals on!
My Black leather backpack
Mini back pack
My all time favourite bag for travelling.
A classic Ray ban sunglasses
I have these butter soft leather gloves

Outfit combinations

These are just some of the outfit combinations that you can create with the above items for inspiration.

Hope you enjoyed the read and found the above helpful when planning and packing for your own staycations

Thanks for reading

Caroline x


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