5 tips to transition your wardrobe from Summer to Autumn.

It’s back to school and back to the office now WFH is becoming less for most people, September is a new start for many and it also is the start of the change of seasons. Where we need to often dress for winter in the morning but for summer in the afternoon. Getting organised is the best way to make your mornings go more smoothly.

September is such a changeable month here in the UK so it’s best to have a little bit of everything in your wardrobe so you have it all covered. Layers will be your go to’s not only for practicality with the weather, but also in making the most out of your summer clothes and getting those last wears in before it is winter.

In this blog I have given you my top 5 tips for sorting out your wardrobe for this time of year so that it makes your life easier. I’ll be doing my own Wardrobe across the next few weeks.

1. Time to put your high summer clothes away

High summer items are those you wear when the temperature is at its hottest and also the things ( we all have them) that you save for holidays.

On my list is-

  • Beach cover ups
  • Swimwear
  • Shorts
  • Casual Playsuits and rompers
  • My holiday sun dresses

I’m a big believer that if you have your clothes arranged in a way that, what you wear most of the time is right in front of you, getting dressed and putting together outfits becomes quick and easy. Just what I need for busy mornings trying to get out of the house on time.

This doesn’t mean all the my summery things are gone, I still have summer dresses, jumpsuits and tops that I can wear if we get a a mini heat wave and of course sandals too. I will pack up the majority of my summer sandals and keep out a couple of pairs that are perfect for wearing with everything.

Any item you haven’t worn this summer ask your self why not?

It might be situational, not been abroad / not had the occasion etc.. but it’s important not to hold on to things that you no longer like, fit into, work with your lifestyle. Anything you have not worn in few summers I would be putting in the clothes recycling bag.

2. Organise your wardrobe

Have one area in your wardobe where you keep your day to day clothes. Ideally this would be right in front of you when you open your wardrobe.

All the clothes that you know you won’t wear until next summer move to another area/ wardrobe or take out to store ( which ever option you have space wise). For example I store my high summer outfits in a wardrobe in our spare room and my holiday clothes in vacuumed packs, so I will move out anything that I won’t wear until next summer out of my day to day wardrobe so I’m not hunting through those things to find something to wear every day.

3. Make summer clothes transitional for Autumn

As you go through your summer clothes for each item consider if you could wear it with a layer over to make it transitional and get more wear out of in the autumn?

  • Wearing a shacket/ trench/ blazer/ leather / light weight jacket over the top
  • Wearing with Boots
  • Wearing a jumper / sweat / cardigan over the top
  • Wearing leggings under your dresses ( secret ones that no one can see) last out those summer skirts and dresses.
Images from Pinterest

For example this is a dress I bought in the summer and I have been wearing with sandals and trainers, but I have styled it here with a leather jacket and boots.

If you want to see more if this see my previous blog on how to style a printed dress click on the below to take you to my blog “5 ways to wear a bold animal print dress

4. Have a full wardrobe detox

It’s also a good time to have a sort out and a detox of your wardrobe in general, I always have a big sort out when I am changing over for the seasons. Note I won’t be bringing my winter clothes out of storage just yet!

Last year I wrote a blog on my tips for doing a Wardrobe detox yourself and it’s still 100% relevant now, so I’ve attached the link below ( click on image if you want to have a read)

5. Shop for those those wardrobe gaps

As you go through your wardrobe make note of anything you feel is missing. Have you got something you don’t wear because you need an item to go with it? Would you wear your summer dresses in Autumn if you had the right light jacket? Consider what you really need and what would add to your existing Wardrobe.

This month Oxfam are running a campaign called Second Hand September, if you are shopping for wardrobe gaps a great sustainable way to shop is by buying pre loved. There are so many preloved online shops and websites now it’s a massively growing market as more and more people look to be more environmentally conscious with their fashion choices.

Click on the image to take you to Oxfam’s website.

“Help please”

If you would like me to help you with you Wardrobe have a look at my personal stylist Wardobe detox service where I can not only help you with your existing clothes but I will also source for you those all important wardrobe gaps.

Any questions or want to chat about this or any other of my styling services get in touch. link below


Thanks so much for reading

Caroline x


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